For finding events AND running them, this presents plenty of challenges.

For this, we built an incredible social platform - one that your Event can Take Over on the day!

  • be seen by your exact audience at exactly the right moment in the lead-up
  • reduce the cost of running an on-the-day app by many thousands
  • get amazing info and data on what your audiences are most into - as well as what they liked on the day.

Before the event

Right audience, right time

  • Pluss' users asked for one simple app they could turn to to find fun - we push you to over 200,000 (a number growing rapidly) 18-35 year olds that want to attend
  • Own a location - want to alert users as they approach your area? Be seen in this 5kms or 50? Pluss' Geo-advertising let's you set it
  • Look incredible - Big, full screen displays of your event - swipe-able to opt in, with video coming

During the event

Reduce the cost of on the day apps - by up to 80%

Fantastic as a social backup or as your primary app

  • Interactive event program
  • Live event messaging
  • Geo-location for customer traversal or wayfinding
  • Push notifications & alerts
  • Video & social media connectivity
  • Available through Pluss or as a white label offering

After the event

Amazing info and data - for your next event

  • Pluss users have 100s of interest keywords - find out how your audience breaks down
  • In-app feedback function - the fun way for your crowd to let you know what they think
  • Post event report for future planning

What's on offer

Pluss can be your primary app interface, giving you app-like features at a fraction of the cost, the channel to run fresh new promotions through, or both!

All features are included in one price - incredible value!

  • Ready in under 48 hours
  • Awesome tech your customers will love, at an industry-friendly price point